Patient Testimonials

Discover what patients have to say about our team of surgical specialists

“Dr. Graffeo is a kind, warm man. He has surgeon’s hands. I think that is a special gift. He’s highly, highly talented — highly gifted and sensitive. I would recommend him to anyone.”

--Doris, general surgery

“Dr. Wood was so kind and very informative. She had a book that showed me everything about the cancer. I like to know what’s going on, and she explained what was going on and what would happen. Everybody in that office was so kind. And Dr. Wood was marvelous. I saw a doctor last week, and he asked who my surgeon was. I told him, and he said, ‘You had a good surgeon.’”

--Carol, breast cancer surgery

“I really treasured Dr. Wood as being my doctor. She made me feel comfortable. She took me through the steps she would be taking, and I understood what she was talking about because of my background. I could say she was one of the most professional people I’ve ever spoken with in regards to taking care of people. I believe it was her care and her preciseness that really helped me through my operation. I would go back to her in a heartbeat.”

--Sandy (surgical nurse), general surgery

“I was sent to Dr. Fuller to get a biopsy. He and his staff were excellent. He is very caring. I had a great experience there. He spent the time with me to answer my questions and said if there was anything more I needed to know after I left his office to feel free to call. I was impressed with his caring because most of the time I feel I’m rushed in and out of doctors’ offices and nobody cares. I did not get that at all there.”

--Doris, biopsy and consultation

“Dr. Fuller explains everything. If you have any questions he answers them. He gives you options and helps you understand them. He’s very thorough and lets you know straight-up what’s going on. That’s what you want to hear.”

--Deborah, general surgery

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